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Transition Update – 12/6/18

I’m filled with gratitude for the outpouring of support I’ve received since announcing the end of my classes at the Whetstone School of Lutherie (see below). It’s been humbling to hear from students what a positive impact their class had on them, and what a special place this has been to explore the art of lutherie.

It’s also been a pleasure to help folks outfit their shops with tools and jigs as I downsize operations here on Birge Street. There are still many items available with more on the way, and I’ve organized everything on separate pages for your reference.

Hand Tools
Jigs & Fixtures

This is all a work in progress, and I’ll be updating the pages regularly as things come and go. Please use the link below to contact me if you have any questions, special requests, or you just want to be in touch. Peace and happy holidays to us all.


A Message From Scott – 10/25/18

It’s with mixed feelings I’m writing to announce that we’ll no longer be offering classes at the Whetstone School of Lutherie. There are a number of reasons why I’ve chosen to act at this time, but most importantly market circumstances have changed and our business model is simply no longer viable. Declining interest, the proliferation of do-it-yourself kits, and increasing competition are all factors.

It’s difficult to take this step, but I feel heartened by all that we’ve been able to accomplish in the 9 years since we started offering classes in 2010. During this time our students have made a total of 110 instruments – including 67 guitars, 29 ukuleles, 7 mandolins, and 7 banjos. We’ve also had over 100 people attend our Acoustic Guitar Tune-Up class, and scores of others joined us for shop demonstrations, design seminars, and spontaneous gatherings.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the generous support of my colleagues and friends who helped me along the way – and especially all the folks who chose the Whetstone School to learn and explore the art of lutherie. I always admired the effort it took to participate in a course here, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to share the experience of instrument making with so many eager and dedicated students.

Scott Hausmann – Director
Whetstone School of Lutherie