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Acoustic Guitar Tune-Up

Instructor:  Scott Hausmann

$150  (includes strings and supplies)
1 day  (10:00 – 4:00)
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Workshop Description

Designed with the player in mind, this is a fun and informative workshop that will save you money, and insure your acoustic guitar is functioning at its peak potential.

The course will help prepare students to professionally evaluate guitars they are thinking about purchasing, and it’s an excellent entry level class for anyone interested in learning about guitar repair and set-up.

In class you’ll learn how to inspect, clean, and adjust your guitar from head to toe. We’ll examine each instrument as a group so you can observe the evaluation process on a variety of guitars, and then you’ll complete all the actual work on your instrument with the guidance of your instructor.

Topics We Cover

  • Inspecting the guitar
  • Evaluating the set-up
  • Leveling the frets
  • Re-crowning and polishing
  • Dressing the fret ends
  • Cleaning and lubricating the fingerboard
  • Adjusting the tuning machines
  • Cleaning the finish
  • Stringing the guitar
  • Adjusting the truss rod
  • Fine tuning the nut slots
  • Adjusting the string action