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Bill Peterson

Acoustic Guitar

Bill Pearson“A comfortable New England workshop, cedar plank walls, a gentle snow falling outside, coffee brewing in the corner. And in front of you a piece of wood which in two short weeks will become a beautifully hand crafted instrument. That’s the Whetstone School of Lutherie. It may not be Heaven – but it’s damn close.

Having previously made nothing more sophisticated than a crude magazine rack, I was skeptical about my ability to create something of such complexity. I had never spoken of widths in terms of thousandths of an inch or concerned myself with spaces measured in sixty-fourths. I do now.

A master craftsman expertly guided our small class of three. Through the maestro, Scott Hausmann, the entire process was demystified and the seemingly impossible happened before my very eyes. We were shown proper tool usage, exposed to jig making, measuring tips, woodworking tricks, problem solving and how to fashion and create an abundance of pieces, the majority of which are curved, bent or odd shaped, and magically join them all together.

It was an experience that was profoundly satisfying. I have since made another guitar in my meager garage workshop, of which I am quite proud, and the next is on the drawing board. Thanks Scott for introducing me to this marvelous craft and teaching me skills I will carry with me the rest of my days. Your class has greatly enhanced my life.”

Judge William Peterson
Harlingen, TX