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Nick Pain

Soprano Ukulele

Nick Paine“I just brought home the fruits of my labors from the one-week ukulele building course with Scott Hausmann at the Whetstone School in Brattleboro, Vermont.

The result of Scott’s expertise and hands-on approach to teaching was a uke which is easily a match for any other in my collection. It was made as a gift for my wife but we are constantly fighting over who gets to play it…

This is not a kit-building experience – you will start with bits of wood, so expect to learn side bending, neck carving, fretting, a little inlay (for the rosette and side dots) and a host of other skills.

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Bob Magnante

Banjo Building

Bob magnate“My experience at your school was one of the most treasured times I’ve had in my adult life. I learned so, so much, and I’m truly thankful to you and Will for all your support and help along the way. I will always tell others of what a great program you have created for musicians out there, and how hospitable everyone was to me – I really loved being there!”

Bob Magnante
Santa Cruz, California

Nancy Burke

Acoustic Guitar Tune-Up

I recently completed the acoustic guitar tune up class at the Whetstone School of Lutherie. It was a wonderful experience and provided me with the skills to perform the maintenance that can rejuvenate a guitar and make it more playable.

The Whetstone School is an immaculate, well-organized facility and Scott is an excellent teacher. I brought two guitars with me, one to work on and another that Scott offered to evaluate for me.

At the end of the day, I understood how some very subtle adjustments can make the guitar so much easier to play. Much of the frustration that I was experiencing with my guitar playing was due to an incorrect set-up of my instrument. The cleaning, polishing and tuning made my guitar look brand new.

I highly recommend this workshop for any one who would like to learn about maintaining or adjusting their guitar.

Nancy Burke
West Townsend, VT