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The Whetstone School of Lutherie is located in the old Estey Organ complex about 1/2 mile from downtown Brattleboro. The Estey Organ Co. operated in this location from the late 1880’s to the mid 1950’s. Their world-renowned reed, pipe, and electronic organs are now highly regarded by many as works of art. The site is now the home of the Estey Organ Museum, plus an eclectic assortment of other small businesses. We are very proud to have the Whetstone School associated with a place so steeped in the classic tradition of musical instrument building.
old-factory-shotCourtesy of Estey Organ Co.  esteyorgan.com   esteyorganmuseum.org

Main Classroom

The main classroom is where we spend most of our time, and we’ve organized this space specifically for teaching instrument making. There is an instructor’s bench and each student has their own personal workspace. The room has a relaxed feel, there is great natural light, and it’s truly a wonderful place to work.

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Each student’s workstation is a model of efficiency, and there’s plenty of space to store your personal belongings.  The classroom is well stocked with supplies, and we provide all the tools and materials you’ll need for your workshop. Many students enjoy eating lunch at the shop, and we have a small food preparation area with refrigerator and microwave for your use.

Machine Room

The machine room is located in a separate area adjacent to the main classroom. The space is well lit, neatly organized, and there is plenty of storage space to keep things uncluttered. All the machinery is connected to a central dust collection system, and there are two large benches for layout work and power tool operations.

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The shop is well stocked with finely tuned power tools similar to what you would expect to find in a small furniture shop, or a professional instrument making business. Here is our current inventory of equipment and machinery.

  • Delta 10″ Unisaw
  • Delta 14″ bandsaw
  • Laguna 16″HD bandsaw
  • Delta 8″ long-bed jointer
  • Makita 14″ planer
  • Woodmaster 22″ thickness sander
  • Delta 12″ combination sander
  • Hammond sliding trim saw
  • Delta floor standing drill press
  • Jet oscillating spindle sander
  • Router table w/ 3HP Delta router
  • Porta-Cable single stage compressor
  • Oneida dust collector 3HP
  • Oneida dust collector 1.5HP
  • Delta air cleaners

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