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Peter Ling

Soprano Ukulele

Peter-Ling-02“As someone with limited woodworking experience, it was quite intimidating to be presented with a pile of neatly laid out mahogany and Sitka spruce on our first day of class. How on earth was I ever going to turn this into a soprano ukulele that represented anything like the one Scott had showed us?

From the get go, it was clear that Scott is both a master luthier and an inspirational teacher. He had thought through each step of the process, and had created numerous jigs, templates, and cauls to help simplify the various tasks. With patience and wisdom, Scott kept us on track and helped us avoid any irreversible mistakes.

Although Scott warned us from the beginning to expect a good but not perfect instrument, I was delighted that the end result was a very credible and playable instrument. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Whetstone School Of Lutherie to anyone looking to augment their interest in acoustic instrument building.”

Peter Ling,
Croton, NY