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Will Fielding will-fielding_03

Will is our banjo making instructor and he operates Fielding Banjos in Marlboro, VT.

Will began his professional woodworking career learning the art of guitar building from Augie LoPrinzi. While working there he began repairing old banjos and started developing an understanding of what makes each banjo have it's unique sound.

Will Fielding - Experience and Background

Scott Hausmann scott-121513

Scott is the school's Director and also teaches the guitar, mandolin, and ukulele making courses.

For as long as he can remember, Scott has had a passionate interest in woodworking, design, and engineering. He also cherishes music, and is captivated by musical instruments as functional works of art.

Scott Hausmann - Experience and Background

Michael Millard froggy

We are very grateful for Michael's support of the school, and we are even more thrilled to have him lead some of our workshops. Michael has been building guitars since 1970 when he began work for the Gurian company and built the first Froggy Bottom in the kitchen of his apartment on New York’s lower east side. Froggy Bottom guitars are revered by many, and they've become synonymous with the highest possible standards of craftsmanship and acoustic excellence.

Michael Millard - Experience and Background

Mollie mollie 02

Mollie used to be our mascot and is now our guardian angel. She's here to remind us that believe it or not, there are some things more important in life than instrument making. Eating well and walks in the woods are high on her list, but even more essential are playing nice and taking care of each other. She has taught us well.

In memorium ...