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Tool Suppliers

Lutherie Tools

Luthiers Merchantile
Stewart MacDonald

General Woodworking


Heat Blankets

Watlow Wirewound Flexible Heater 5.0″W x 35.0″L 120V/875W with 12″ leads
FM Keefe Industrial Distributors

Spring Steel Slats

1095 Spring Steel 0.010″ x 6″ (we trim them to 5″W x 35″L)

Temperature Controllers

Chromalox Infinite Control Mechanism
#CH-152 120V//1.8KW
FM Keefe Industrial Distributors

Jigs and Fixtures

Kenneth Michael Guitars
Blues Creek Guitars

Ibex Violin Makers Planes

Scott uses the 8mm curved sole plane and the 10 mm flat sole plane for carving braces
Diefenbacher Tools