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Video Archive

Collings Guitar – Bruce Van Wart

Master luthier and wood expert Bruce VanWart discusses spruce varieties used at Collings Guitars as well as the importance of proper cutting, selection, and individual hand-voicing.

Selecting Spruce Guitar Tops

Bob Taylor – The Future of Ebony

This is a fascinating discussion of the growing scarcity of tonewoods and the radical steps being taken by Taylor and others to implement sustainability measures.

The Future of Ebony

Martin Comparison

This is a really cool comparison of two 1927 Martin guitars – a 000-45 and a 00-45. David Ziegele alternated between them on each of two Irish tunes – Morgan Magan and the Wise Maid.

Martin Comparison

Neck Shaping Workshop

Our friend Scott Ainslie has produced this series of video excerpts from Michael Millards’s neck shaping workshop in March of 2011. It was an exciting day and these clips give you a taste of Froggy’s teaching style and his vast wealth of knowledge.

Neck Shaping Workshop 01

Neck Shaping Workshop 02

Neck Shaping Workshop 03

Taylor Side Bending

Despite years of technological improvements in guitar building, the art of bending sides has remained largely unchanged – until now! In this series of videos Bob Taylor takes us through their new side bending process at Taylor Guitars.

Taylor Side Bending 01

Taylor Side Bending 02

Taylor Side Bending 03

Taylor Side Bending 04