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Whetstone School of Lutherie banner


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Whetstone School of Lutherie

We offer hands-on workshops in acoustic guitar making and guitar repair – plus classes in ukulele and mandolin building. Our small class size and expert instruction assure a once in a lifetime experience, and an instrument you’ll cherish forever.

The Whetstone School is located in the bustling rural community of Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro is a fun place to visit with a vibrant downtown and an eclectic variety of eateries, pubs, and places to stay while you’re visiting us.


Our educational approach

We believe that instrument making is one of those endeavors in which you never really stop learning. To flourish as a luthier requires patience and a steadfast commitment to the process of ongoing improvement. Ultimately, our job is to provide you with a strong foundational experience that you can build on through practice, personal innovation, and further training.

Our sole focus is teaching instrument making, and we’ve organized our school specifically for that purpose. Our classrooms are spacious, organized, and well equipped with finely tuned machinery and specialized hand tools. Each student has their own workspace, and we provide all the materials you need to build your instrument.

Professional instruction

In our hands-on classes you’ll learn techniques and methods used by many of today’s most prominent builders. We’ll also teach you how to organize your process, think strategically, and work mindfully. Following this structured approach, not only will you make a great instrument – you’ll also acquire the confidence and understanding you need to move forward successfully with your own projects.

For most people, the best way to learn how to build musical instruments is one-on-one with a seasoned instructor. Teaching the craft effectively involves listening, and observing, and skillfully guiding each person through the process. This is why we limit enrollment in our building courses to just three students. The result is a rich educational experience you simply can’t get by building a kit, watching a video, or trying to go it alone.